Graduate School / Materials Science and Engineering (MSc) (With Thesis) - Courses Yıl
1.Semester Course Plan
Course Code Course Name T+A+L Compulsory/Elective ECTS Group Code Group Course Count
LEE5001 Scientific Research Methods and Publication Ethics 3+0+0 Compulsory 6,5
LEE5002 Seminar 0+1+0 Compulsory 6,5
 [G] LEE_TEZ Master Thesis (Must be successful at least 2 times) 0+0+0 Compulsory 52 2
 [G] LEE_UZM Specialization Course (Register each semester) 4+0+0 Compulsory 16 4
 [G] LEE_SEC Elective Courses (At least 6 courses must be successful) 0+0+0 Elective 39 6
Total ECTS 120
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